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Our Collective Opportunity


by Brett Buckner


Minnesota is booming…For most.


With unemployment at 5.7%, our state is one of the nation’s economic leaders. Our gains due to public investment and private development after pinned up demand is now exploding across the Metro especially in our downtowns. Unfortunately, these gains have not reached all within our community.


Africans, African-Americans, Hmong, and Latinos are still not a part of the hyper growth experienced by our white community partners and it is stalling our great collective opportunity. In fact for our communities, the unemployment rates are twice and for some three times the rates.


According to our friends at the Met Council through the CHOICE, PLACE AND

OPPORTUNITY: AN EQUITY ASSESSMENT OF THE TWIN CITIES REGION, once we achieve equity by 2040 (in this case the socioeconomic rates are at pair with our white neighbors), our region will benefit greatly to the tune of:

  • 274,000 fewer residents in poverty;
  • 171,000 more residents with a high-school diploma;
  • 124,000 more people with jobs; and
  • an additional $31.8 billion in personal income.


We need to achieve these ideal together and very soon. However, we can only climb this mountain together.